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There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness and truth   

- Leo Tolstoy


I will initially discuss with the client whatever has been going on for them. We will then begin a reiki session. The client’s own energy will do the work.

Afterwards, if the client wishes, we can discuss a wellness approach that suits their lifestyle and interests. This could include tips for mindfulness, sleep hygiene, bibliotherapy /audiotherapy and grounding exercises.

Reiki can also work very well alongside psychotherapy sessions and there are highly skilled psychotherapists also based at 24 Silverbirch Grove.


“I had pains in so many parts of me when I was pregnant. I really felt stress relief after a few sessions of reiki and the physical symptoms improved. I returned a few months later and also got great relief from what might have been post natal depression. I felt my spirits lifted again and I had energy to do the things I wanted to do”

A.O’R. – Limerick, Ireland

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